Neck Pain Solutions

Regularly we have patients coming to the clinic complaining of neck pain. Most commonly these patients are reporting discomfort after sitting for long hours at their desk or pain worsening throughout the day. I am not saying all neck pain is the same but a generalized tight and stiff neck is commonly caused by bad…

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What’s in our logo

Now let me tell you about this logo which was painstakingly crafted over dozens upon dozens of doodles. Once Shereen and I decided on a name for the clinic, which let me tell you was not an easy task, the madness ensued. We dabbled with the token chiropractic logo ideas such as the spine and…

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Posture: The structure of health

Let me start off by telling you a little story about the birds and the bees…actually on second thought, lets just skip to birth!  As infants, we are born as wee little C-shaped babies; think fetal position.  This shape/position is the first posture we assume in life and we call it the ‘primary curve’ which forms a…

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Postural Deconditioning: Adaptation from repetitive strain injuries

Ooooh, sounds fancy and complicated but in reality, it isn’t! So what is Postural Deconditioning and how does Repetitive Strain factor in? I left off my last entry by introducing the thought: imagine that you used your body and its bones and muscles with a poor posture. What would happen?   Now in this scenario,…

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