Pokemon Induced Neck Pain (PINP)

The Pokemon catch phrase is “Gotta catch em all” but I don’t believe that includes neck pain! Pokemon Go is a fun game designed to get you outdoors and moving but there are some important factors you must consider to ensure your long-term health and safety.   The main injury associated with excessive cell phone…

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6 Ways to Make it Through Calgary Stampede Healthy

WOW, Stampede is here – or should I say Yee Haw! It’s the first week of July, which means everyone’s  stampede attire is getting ironed and ready to go. Staying healthy and getting exercise can be hard during holidays and festivals, especially when there are free pancakes at every other corner. Below are my top…

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What’s in our logo

Now let me tell you about this logo which was painstakingly crafted over dozens upon dozens of doodles. Once Shereen and I decided on a name for the clinic, which let me tell you was not an easy task, the madness ensued. We dabbled with the token chiropractic logo ideas such as the spine and…

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