Ken Falconer

Ken Falconer is a registered Physiotherapist with 10+ years experience in Calgary.  He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Lethbridge and Kansas University.  He received his Physiotherapy education from the University of Western Ontario, with a Master of Physiotherapy degree.

Ken is additionally trained in acupuncture with a specialization in Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) needling (also known as functional dry needling) and Graston Therapy.  He has also received additional training and certification in Spinal Manipulative Therapy, making him very well rounded with a myriad of hands-on therapies to get his patients’ feeling their best.

Prior to finishing his post-secondary education, Ken played Division I College Baseball and was subsequently drafted by the Seattle Mariners of the MLB.  During this time, Ken took a 4-year stint to “chase the dream” of playing in the major league before making the hard decision to retire from professional baseball to focus on his career in Physiotherapy.  This is a decision he did not regret as he is incredibly grateful to help people recover from their injuries, optimize their performance and reach their full potential in strength and function.  He still plays baseball locally in the FMBA as well as a new found love of golf, where he intends to join the PGA tour in 2053!

Ken sees patients of all ages with experience treating patients ranging from the ages of 4 all the way to 93!  Book online to see Ken at CCST, Thursday to Saturday.