What’s in our logo

Now let me tell you about this logo which was painstakingly crafted over dozens upon dozens of doodles. Once Shereen and I decided on a name for the clinic, which let me tell you was not an easy task, the madness ensued. We dabbled with the token chiropractic logo ideas such as the spine and the motion man but ultimately we wanted something more modern and different. Something that reflected our unique strengths and spoke deeper to the patient base we were looking to attract. What we came up with was nothing short of a masterpiece…well our masterpiece (beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course).

This logo speaks to us in several levels and we hope you appreciate the consideration that went into it. The “CC” in the top row has an infinity symbol look to it, which to us represents the cycle of life and the fact that the care we provide is not only complete but also continuous. The “ST” further contributes to this notion of continuity as it curves and leads forward. When both rows of lettering are appreciated together one can see in an abstract way our nod to the motion man idea as the “CC” almost looks like two arms and the “ST” as a pair of running legs.

The turquoise rounded square that surrounds the logo was added to represent the modern element of our clinic. The app like look of it is meant to represent our online presence both from an electronic scheduling capability we offer as well as our desire to connect over social media.  In addition, it provides coverage and protection for what is within, which represents the services we wish to provide to our patients.

Turquoise was chosen to represent our proximity to the beautiful bow river, which is across the street from our clinic. Orange was chosen as our second color as we wanted something bright and bold to match our personalities. Normally, logo’s do not use two bright “accent colors” together but we wanted to represent the duality of our partnership and again try to be a little atypical and modern with our approach.

We hope you like it as much as we do as our goal at CCST is to offer you a unique experience unlike those at other facilities offering similar services.


Written by Dr. Alim Kara BSc, DC