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Optimal Sleep Position

We all know how important our sleep is, but perhaps even more important is whether or not we are sleeping in the best position. What is the ‘best position’? Is there truly a best? One of the questions I routinely ask during assessments with a new patient complaining of back stiffness or discomfort is what…

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6 Ways to Make it Through Calgary Stampede Healthy

WOW, Stampede is here – or should I say Yee Haw! It’s the first week of July, which means everyone’s  stampede attire is getting ironed and ready to go. Staying healthy and getting exercise can be hard during holidays and festivals, especially when there are free pancakes at every other corner. Below are my top…

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Vitamin D: The Sun & Supplementing

The importance of vitamin D is a hot topic, especially now as we are getting warmer weather. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin that helps with bone health, immune function, brain health, muscle function and even protects against diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.   How We Get Vitamin D: There are three…

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Neck Pain Solutions

Regularly we have patients coming to the clinic complaining of neck pain. Most commonly these patients are reporting discomfort after sitting for long hours at their desk or pain worsening throughout the day. I am not saying all neck pain is the same but a generalized tight and stiff neck is commonly caused by bad…

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