Neck Pain & Upper Back Pain

Neck Pain (NP) and Upper Back Pain (UBP) are very common conditions which are typically caused by a low grade repetitive strain that usually occurs from too much computer or phone use and usually associated with prolonged sitting/bad posture.  They usually occur together as the upper back is the support of the neck and a forward rounded shoulder position (hunched upper back) typically comes with a forward head posture (anterior head carriage).  Symptoms can range from something as simple as a low grade ache/soreness to something as severe as a gross loss of range of motion with a referral of pain into the shoulder and even down the arm.  Oftentimes acute and chronic NP can be associated with tension or migraine headaches.
At CCST, we assess and treat patients across this broad spectrum very regularly with great success.  Depending on your individual case, we find an accurate diagnosis and tailor a treatment plan aimed at getting you back to normal function and a pain-free state as fast as possible.