Dr. Kara is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen. He takes the time to address the issues you are having, and really focuses on working out the problem areas. Instead of just a quick adjustment of your back and neck every time you go in, he adds extra treatments such as needling which work 10X better. I seriously can’t thank him enough for the work he does. It’s also an added bonus that the practice includes excellent massage therapists that work in unison with chiropractic. Great job guys, keep up the good work!
Morgan F.


I have never experienced the quality of personal attention to the mechanics of my body as I did with Marjorie Walker, and I really appreciate her work. If only I had understood these things many years ago! The whole experience I found to be very empowering.
Diana M.


Each session my wife and I had with Dr. Shereen Kangarloo was pleasant. After each one, we would be energized for days not feeling any pain. We particularly like her complete approach to treat our back pain — a good combination of physical adjustment, needling,acupuncture and massage therapy in 20 minutes. I personally believe we might have avoided surgery because of the treatments.
Stephen N.


After talking with Dr. Kara about his passion for getting people moving well, and how much his knowledge of the body influences what he does, it’s a no brainer that I’m coming back to see him to finish what he started. Marvelous experience.
Linden E.


I love that, although I see Dr. Kara and Geoff Gerber– the whole staff takes the time to know you. From day one, they aren’t just trying to treat symptoms, they work with you to help you prevent them. Dr. Kara has a wonderful sense of humour and can make me laugh through my whole treatment. I never hesitate to call when I need a treatment- look forward to seeing them!
Lori G.


Marjorie Walker is what you look for in a physio! I have played sports and worked in the health field for many years. Hence, I have my share of sports and overuse injuries as most athletes or active individuals do. However, I have spent a lot of time and money going through a lot of practitioners. I will not have to worry about that now. She is amazing. Marjorie is teaching me that I do not have to give up with I love to do but showing me how to re-train my body so I can keep doing what I love for a long time. She is respectful and truly cares about your recovery. You can tell she loves what she does as she takes the time to really see what is going on with you and looks at the full picture. I have even referred my mother onto her and she was beyond impressed. For all ages and stages, she is a fantastic physio.
Julie G.


I went to Dr Kangarloo with a baseball related hip injury. Dr Kangarloo was excellent – she was thorough and professional and helped me to prepare for the Panamerican Games. She provided effective and comfortable acupuncture and active release. As an athlete, I would strongly recommend her.
Becky H.


My wife and I always feel we’re in good hands with CCST. Personable, never rushed, and very accommodating when needed. I highly recommend their services.
Jack A.


Great clinic – I have seen both chiropractors who are each better than any I have seen in three countries! Heather is an awesome massage therapist. Highly recommend – great people and very skilled.
Shane B.


I am loving the care I receive here and feel that I’ve found a place with providers who will truly help me recover to the best of my bodies ability. Great energy and a true sense of integrity in the care they provide. Thank you!
Shelley M.


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